Marketing Strategies Every B2B Should Be Doing in 2019

Marketing Strategies

Today’s society comprises a generation of consumers whose expectations are forever evolving. This has dramatically shifted the B2B marketing landscape, where companies can reach their target demographics like never before. Another aspect that’s led to better marketing strategies is the maturation of new technologies, for example the integration of AI.

To maximize your marketing dollars you must embrace the latest B2B trends. Doing so will help you secure a healthy ROI while exposing your business to relevant parties within your audience.

But what exactly should you be doing to promote your B2B business initiatives in 2019? Here are some of the best marketing strategies to consider:

Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Today’s B2B buyers use peer recommendations, online reviews and social media content to influence their decision-making. Though word-of-mouth has always been a powerful force in business, its cache has somewhat elevated due to the widespread reach of social media, through platforms which have an incredible reach.

Word-of-mouth marketing isn’t all about social media. By including a review section on your eCommerce website, you can request customers leave recommendations after purchasing. This is a great way to highlight the quality of the product/service you’re offering, where prospective clients will be reassured by positive experiences. Third-party review sites are another great way to harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing, as means to drive high-quality traffic to your website and entice those with high purchase intent.

You can also nurture relationships with loyal customers by offering special discounts, hosting appreciation events, delivering exclusive content and creating referral programs. You should also capitalize on social media to engage your audience, utilizing platforms like LinkedIn to connect with the right prospects.

Conversational Selling

Traditional strategies for acquiring new business are centered on conversational selling. This involves merchants talking to prospects, offering valuable solutions to regular issues. The problem with this method, though effective on an individual basis, is its lack of scalability. Consequently, using conversational selling to nurture relationships consumes significant time and money.

But in today’s technological society this is no longer true. In fact, with the widespread advocation of live chat, social media, and messaging apps, businesses can leverage conversational selling strategies without having to invest heavily into a sales team. Instead you can attract visitors to your website and then focus on converting them into leads. You can also add value to the customer experience with timely product support, leading to greater retention.

To make the most of conversational selling you should provide customers with helpful information when they need it most. If you accompany this approach with relevant, contextual interactions you’ll achieve more success. The process is made significantly easier with a customer data management platform, where your client’s details are stored in a centralized location.



Appearing at the top of search engine results is a key to propelling your business to new heights. This has never been truer than in 2019, where a large volume of B2B buyers uses the internet to research relevant services. But a solid keyword strategy is no longer enough. In fact, the Google algorithm has become significantly more advanced over time. You must now focus on delivering contextual, relevant, actionable content to maximize your SEO game.

Here are some tactics which are well worth considering:

Local SEO

Optimizing for local searches is a great way to rank at the very top of relevant searches. This section is known as the ‘local pack,’ a great place to feature if you service a specific region.

Mobile-first Website

Since mobile use is at an all-time high, it makes sense to create a mobile-first website, especially since Google is starting to prioritize mobile-optimized websites. More and more B2B buyers are using their smartphones for business, so with a mobile-first site you’ll increase dwell time, reduce load time and decrease bounce rate. These are critical factors for ranking higher in SERPs.

Longtail Keywords

You should optimize your web pages with longtail keywords. This will propel your business in the most relevant search results, especially when you consider a high proportion of all search traffic derives from longtail keywords.

Visual Content and Videos

B2B marketing is shifting to visual content, where video is integral in any promotional campaign. This is true in a world where people are digesting more visual content than ever before, relying heavily on video to receive information. By boosting your visual content you’ll increase engagement, encourage sharing and improve dwell time. These factors will collectively lead to you boosting your SEO ranking.



B2B buyers are operating in a customer-centric environment, where every decision must add value to the purchaser for it to be worthwhile. The experience you offer your clientele must be contextual, relevant, human, helpful and streamlined. For a highly personalized user experience, B2B marketers must utilize a diverse combination of marketing technologies, focusing on building relationships at scale.

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Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies Every B2B Should Be Doing in 2019

Today’s society comprises a generation of consumers whose expectations are forever evolving. This has dramatically shifted the B2B marketing landscape, where companies can reach their target demographics like never before. Another aspect that’s led to better marketing strategies is the

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